Honors Algebra II

Take home applications problems questions can be posted here in the comments section!!!

They will not be visible until I read them, so be patient!

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6 Responses to Honors Algebra II

  1. Kelly says:

    Hello. For number 5 part a, are there two possible answers or only one? For example, in number 4 because you are dealing with time, you drop the negative possible answer because there is no such thing as negative time. But in this problem, you are dealing with feet so do you end up with two answers or no? Thanks 🙂

    • For number 5, you are dealing with area and perimeter of a figure. Does it make sense for there to be a negative side length for a square?

      • Kelly says:

        No. No it doesnt. So is that the case will all of these problems? There is only one, positive answer?

        • For number 6, there will be two positive answers because it is talking about height of a projectile–the cannonball will be 60 meters off the ground twice, once on the way up and once on the way down. But for all the rest, yes, there should be one positive answer.

  2. Kelly says:

    Thank you so much!! I am all done now (after erasing negative answers) I worked hard and hope my answers are all correct 🙂

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